In April 1st 2003, “Advanced Science Research Center” was established by reorganization and consolidation of five joint-use facilities, “Central Institute for Radioisotope Science”, “Institute for Experimental Animals”, “Institute for Gene Research”, “Radioisotope Laboratory for Natural Science and Technology”, and “Research Institute for Instrumental Analysis”.

In 2004, “Innovative Brain Science” was set up in Division of Transgenic Animal Science (Institute for Experimental Animals) to support twenty-first century COE program “Innovative Brain Science for Development, Leaning and Memory”. In 2010, Kakuma-brunch of Institute for Experimental Animals was newly founded since Cancer Research Institute was moved from Takara-machi campus to Kakuma campus.

In September 2011, “Research Facilities Support Office” was newly organized. This facility was transferred under Organization of Frontier Science and Innovation in April 2014.