The number of scientific reports becomes numerous and new knowledge and techniques are renewed on a daily base. This makes it difficult for each researcher to catch up all of them and to pursue all required experiments. Thus, it becomes important for researchers to collaborate with experts with specific technologies in each research area. Our center holds experts in four research areas, animal experiments, radioisotope experiments, gene analysis, and instrumental analysis. Our mission is to support education and research by safety management of experiments and by providing the newest knowledge and techniques to scientists.


We set three objectives.

  1. Safety management education of experiments.

    The experiments with radioisotopes, animals, and genetically modified organisms are regulated by law. Our center consists of the specific institutes running by experts for handling these materials. We utilize our expertise to educate students and scientists so that everyone conduct experiments safely following the law.

  2. Support for education and research.

    For supporting education and research in Universities and industries, we introduce the newest knowledge and techniques in each expert area on a daily base. We cooperate each other to provide multiple services.

  3. Conduct and development of our own research.

    We conduct our own research and also develop new research area by fusion of each expertise.