Welcome from the Director

The advance of sciences recently becomes remarkable because of the fusion of knowledges and techniques from all research area. Thus, it is difficult for each researcher to catch up new technologies on a daily basis. In this situation, our role in research at Kanazawa University is very important since each member of Advanced Science Research Center is familiar with different research area.

Our center consists four joint-use facilities for experimental animals, gene research, radioisotope, and instrumental analysis. Our mission is; (1) safety management of experiments which are conducted at Kanazawa University, (2) research and education supports, especially providing the newest knowledge and technologies of special fields, and (3) making a significant contribution to science with our own research. We do our best to progress research at Kanazawa University.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any requests or requests.

Professor Kazuhiro Shiba
Director, Advanced Science Research Center